Medical malpractice, $506,126 Judgment in favor of our firm's client

     Marvin Coan and Bill Miller tried a nine-day medical malpractice jury trial, Estate of Ronald P. Cook, Deceased, by Robert M. Klein, Executor v. Mark R. Wheeler, M.D., and John M. Mandrola, M.D., Jefferson Circuit Court, Case No. 10-CI-04053, Division Nine, before Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman. That trial resulted in a $506,126 Judgment in favor of our firm's client, The Estate of Ronald P. Cook. No settlement offer was made by the doctors' insurance carriers. 

     Ron's death at 60 years of age was caused by liver failure due to toxicity from the drug Amiodarone, which he was taking for a heart condition, atrial fibrilation. Ron's internist, Dr. Mark Wheeler, was assessed 80% of the fault, and his cardiologist, Dr. John Mandrola, was assessed 20% of the fault by the jury due to their failure to properly and timely monitor Ron's liver function tests. By the time the Amiodarone was discontinued by these doctors less than 30 days before his death, it was too late. Ron's family was vindicated by the jury's verdict because while he was sick, they thought the doctors failed to appreciate how seriously ill Ron was. Ron appeared to have multiple symptoms related to liver injury and declining health over many months.